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Each Locals InMotion community will only promote businesses and market to consumers in your specific area. No chains. No big box stores. Ever. Our websites, blogs, iPhone app (Locals InMotion) and social media communities significantly amplify the promotions and specials of each local business in our InMotion community. There is no better time then now to join our growing business community and keep your brand in front of MORE potential customers EVERY month with our affordable subscriptions.

Cost Effective Exposure for Your Business

  • Brand Influencing. We are a megaphone for your business, your events and your specials. Your brand’s message reaches our website visitors, social media followers and our mobile app users every month.
  • Brand exposure across multiple digital outlets. We aren’t just one digital outlet for your business. We’re multiple digital outlets that work together to keep you in front of an engaged local audiences every single month.
  • Exclusive Offers. Locals InMotion® Offers is our new premium subscription service for our iPhone® app users. Your business can run exclusive offers to our subscribers that are found nowhere else at no additional charge as part of your InMotion subscription.

A Social Media Ally

  • Facebook. Each InMotion Facebook community keeps our businesses in front of a local audience. We use our impressive organic reach and targeted social campaigns to reach tens of thousands of people in your area every month.
  • Instagram. Our Instagram community has taken a high-road approach by focusing on organic growth and an extremely localized focus. We do not have paid likes, bots or generic hashtags that rarely translate into revenue for your business. Every month, your business receives a set amount of posts to your nearest InMotion Instagram community.

Hyper-Local Focus that’s 100% Digital

  • Keep It Local. Each InMotion community is a locally branded website, blog and social media community that is regionally focused. No chains. No big brands. No Outside Advertisers. 100% LOCAL
  • Location-Based Mobile App. The Locals InMotion™ mobile app unites each of InMotion communities based on a user’s location and interests. All of your ad content from our website(s) is pushed to this new mobile app and easily accessed by our users.

A Transparent Partner

  • Monthly Activity Reports. Reports measure our performance and to let our customers shape the direction of their promotions with our viewers. Reports include each of your ad’s metrics, cost per interaction data and other key insights from our web and social media campaigns.
  • Update Your Campaign Each Month. Our rapidly updatable digital platform allows customers to change their campaign message each month. Content requests are typically updated within 2 business days.
  • Throttle Up or Down as Needed. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription with 30-days notice. Need a big push for a major announcement or new service offering at your business? That’s what we are here for.
  • No Strings. After your initial subscription trial, you remain a member of our business community on a month-to-month basis. 7 out of 10 businesses that join our community-stay with us. We create long-term relationships, not short-term ad spend regrets.
What Clients Say
Locals InMotion is a great amplifier for The Cheese Cave in Red Bank. We always see an uptick in activity when they mention us on their website, blog, Facebook or Instagram. They know how to reach people and they know how to keep The Cheese Cave in front of local diners throughout the month.

- Stephen Cataina, Owner of The Cheese Cave, Red Bank NJ -

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$150 per month
  • 4 Unique Ads On
  • 2 Facebook Posts Per Month to our Facebook community
  • 1 Instagram Post Per Month to our Instagram community
  • Monthly Reporting Metrics On Your Ads
  • Business Listing on Locals InMotion™ for iPhone
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$250 per month
  • 6 Unique Ads On
  • 4 Facebook Posts Per Month To Our Large Social Community
  • 2 Instagram Posts Per Month
  • 2 Local Business Spotlight Blog On Your Business (bi-annual)
  • Monthly Reporting Metrics On Your Ads
  • Business Listing on Locals InMotion™ for iPhone
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$350 per month
  • 7 Unique Ads On
  • 4 Facebook Posts Per Month To Our Large Social Community
  • 1 Banner Ad On Our Highly Trafficked Blog
  • 1 Banner Ad on our landing page
  • 2 Instagram Posts Per Month
  • Quarterly Blogs About Your Business
  • Monthly Reporting Metrics On Your Ads
  • Business Listing on Locals InMotion™ for iPhone
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Saint Augustine InMotion is your go-to source for great information, offers and specials. When you're looking for new places to eat, drink, shop and play around Saint Augustine. Saint Augustine InMotion features local restaurants, bars, nightlife, events, eateries, shopping and more. No chains. No big brands. Just great locally owned businesses from your area. Start your search here and begin exploring your neighborhood!

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